North Carolina Global TransPark Staff

The North Carolina Global TransPark Authority’s staff carry out the daily operations of the Global TransPark.

Allen M. Thomas
GTP Executive Director
(252) 523-1351 ext. 305

Rick Barkes
Director Airport Operations
(252) 523-1351 ext. 309

Amanda A. Conner
Public Communications Specialist
(252) 523-1351 ext. 304

William A. (Drew) Marsh III
NCDOT Senior Deputy General Counsel
(919) 707-2834

Mary Jane Westphal
(252) 523-1351 ext. 303

Levia F. Williamson, Jr.
Facilities / Information Technology Director
(252) 523-1351 ext. 302

For general information, please e-mail us at or call (252)523-1351.

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