We want good companies to make their business home at the Global TransPark (GTP). That’s why, in close cooperation with the state of North Carolina, as well as regional and local economic development partners, we make available a variety of competitive, performance-based incentive packages. Examples of incentive programs which may apply to companies locating at GTP include:

GTP Incentives:

  • Discretionary, private-sector project support from the GTP Foundation
  • Use of training and meeting facilities at the Composite Center
  • Foreign Trade Zone savings
  • Real property tax exemptions on GTP-owned facilities

Local Economic Development Incentives:

  • Local incentives based on capital investment and job creation
  • Considered on a case-by-case basis

North Carolina Incentives:

  • NC Ports Tax Credits – Provide tax credits toward income taxes paid by businesses or individuals using North Carolina port facilities at Morehead City and Wilmington
  • Job Development Investment Grant – Awards a limited number of cash grants directly to new and expanding businesses that will provide economic benefits to the State, and need the grant to carry out the project in North Carolina. Grants are based on the job creation and investment commitment made by companies in their formal applications to the State prior to a location decision. Grant funds are disbursed annually to approved companies based on a percentage of withholding taxes paid by new employees, following satisfaction of performance criteria set out in grant agreements.
  • One North Carolina Fund – Awards grants for job creation and/or retention in conjunction with local government matches
  • Community Development Block Grants and Industrial Develop Fund – Provides grants and loans for infrastructure development to eligible local governments
  • Road Access and Rail Access Programs – Provides funds for the construction of roads and rail access to new or expanded industrial facilities
  • Sales and Use Tax discounts, exemptions and refunds
  • Customized training through the North Carolina Community College system for industries that employ 12 or more people.

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North Carolina offers a variety of competitive incentive programs to businesses who expand and locate operations in our state.