Electric Power

  • The Global TransPark (GTP) is served by two power companies
  • Electrical connections can be extended to all parcels
  • Solar power may be available to some facilities

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Provider: Duke Energy (formerly Progress Energy)

  • Substation located on Hwy 58 North, 5 miles from GTP
  • The substation is fed by a 115 kV transmission line
  • Substation Capacity : 12.5 MVA expandable to larger capacity as/if needed
  • Substation is currently loaded at 45% (5.6MVA) with 55% capacity remaining
  • Two 23 kV feeders from the substation serve GTP tenants

Provider: City of Kinston (Kinston Public Services)

  • Substations for GTP include Rouse Road substation and Airport Road substation
  • Rouse Road is a 30 MVA substation, with the capacity to serve an additional 22.5
  • Airport Road substation is a 22.5 MVA substation
  • The substations are fed by a 115 kV transmission line

Water Service

Provider: City of Kinston (Kinston Public Services)

  • Existing water line sizes at sites range from 6, 8, 12, and 16” lines.
  • 15 MGD surface water system through the Neuse Regional Water and Sewer Authority (WASA)
  • The City of Kinston is a member of this authority and receives 3.09 MGD.
  • The NRWASA high pressure water transmission main is located within 1 mile of the GTP
  • Water Treatment Facility is 6.5 miles from GTP
  • Two elevated water tanks are located within 6,000 feet of GTP •1,000,000 gallons of storage at Rouse Road tank
  • 500,000 at Airport Road tank

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Wastewater Service

Provider: City of Kinston (Kinston Public Services)

  • Ample wastewater capabilities existing and available
  • Combination of both gravity lines and force main
  • Northside Wastewater Treatment Plant (6.5 miles from GTP)
  • Capacity to treat 11.85 MGD

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Natural Gas

Provider: Piedmont Natural Gas

  • GTP served by 4-, 6- and 8-inch lines
  • Lines adjacent to most GTP parcels
  • Availability on both sides of runway

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Telecommunications Fiber

Providers: GTP and CenturyLink

  • Dual providers
  • “Dark” fiber leases available through GTP
  • GTP fiber loop provides redundancy for users

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The Global TransPark is served by Duke Energy and the City of Kinston for electrical services. Build to suit customers may be eligible to choose their electrical provider.

The Global TransPark is served by a water and waste water system capable of serving both residential and industrial needs well into the future.