North Carolina has long been known as a leader in workforce development, thanks in large part to its extensive network of higher education resources. Academic and training programs available in the vicinity of the Global TransPark provide an ample supply of educated and trained workers. Additionally, over 12,000 service members leave active duty each year in Eastern North Carolina, many with skills and training in aerospace and aviation-related fields.

Eastern NC Workforce Statistics:

Population: 1,002,771 (est.)
Civilian Labor Force: 448,096
At-place Employment: 404,435
Active Duty Military: 113,000
Exiting Service Members:      12,000 annually
Labor Relations: Right-to-work state

University Programs

  • East Carolina University offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in engineering, engineering science, as well as the bachelors of technology and doctor of philosophy degrees.
  • North Carolina State University offers bachelor, master and doctoral degrees in all areas of engineering, including aerospace engineering and materials science engineering. Articulation agreements in place with the Community College System, creating the 2+2 Engineering Program.
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is home to the Center for Logistics and Global Strategy at the Kenan Institute for Private Enterprise.
  • Elizabeth City State University offers undergraduate degrees in aviation science; training students for advanced careers in aviation and aerospace.
  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University offers undergraduate and graduate courses in several aeronautical fields at its Seymour Johnson AFB campus.

Community College Programs

North Carolina’s Community College System is the nation’s third largest and is dedicated to the development of programs which enhance skills required to work in North Carolina’s top industries. Features include:

  • Customized industry training
  • Career Readiness Certification training
  • 2+2 Engineering Program

More on Customized Training Programs -

Lenoir Community College

  • Home of the Advanced Machining Center
  • Associate degrees in: Aviation Management, Global Logistics Technology
  • Continuing education in Aerospace Manufacturing Readiness

Craven Community College

  • Associate degrees in: Aviation Systems Technology, Machining Technology, Manufacturing Technology

Wayne Community College

  • Continuing education in Airport Operations, Aviation Ground School, Aviation Maintenance

Spirit AeroSystems Composite Center of Excellence

The Spirit AeroSystems Composite Center of Excellence (Composite Center) is the home of workforce development training programs developed specifically for Spirit AeroSystems by the North Carolina Community College System. The 33,000 square-feet Center is open to the public for a wide range of training and educational needs. In addition to classrooms and meeting spaces, the Center offers technology labs, industrial training rooms and a composites training lab.

To learn more on the Composite Center, visit Spirit AeroSystems Composite Center of Excellence.

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North Carolina features the nation's best network of higher education resources aimed at developing and training the current and future workforce.