Foreign Trade Zone #214

The North Carolina Department of Transportation is the grantee of Foreign Trade Zone #214, a general-purpose zone encompassing 23 counties in Southeastern North Carolina. Both State Ports and the North Carolina Global TransPark are also within FTZ #214.

Foreign-trade zones (FTZs) were created to provide special U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) procedures to U.S. firms engaged in international trade-related activities. FTZ procedures were designed to promote manufacturing in domestic industries and to encourage the export of U.S. assembled products.

FTZ benefits include:

  • Duty deferral
  • Duty elimination
  • Duty reduction
  • Federal and state tax savings
  • Transfers between zones with no duties
  • Reduced paperwork
  • Destruction of damaged or substandard goods before paying duties

FTZ #214 has three (3) public-use, general purpose sites for activities such as warehousing, manufacturing, assembly, packaging, re-labeling, storage and testing.

  1. Site 1 – Kinston Regional Jetport – Kinston, NC
  2. Site 2 – Kanban Logistics – Tarboro, NC
  3. Site 3 – Crown LSP – Rocky Mount, NC

FTZ #214 also has two (2) Subzones – designations given to specific companies for specific purposes:

  1. Subzone A – Rocky Mount Engine Plant
  2. Subzone B – NACCO Materials Handling Group

If you have questions about FTZ #214

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The Foreign Trade Zone program can offer significant cost savings to companies engaged in import, export, or complex manufacturing operations.